Obama “Signs” Wallpaper

More wallpapers adapted from media on www.barackobama.com

Obama SIgns Wallpaper - 800 x 600 px
800 x 600 px

Obama Signs Wallpaper - 1024 x 768 px
1024 x 768 px


Obama “I Want You” Wallpaper

Some more wallpapers adapted from the artwork on the Barack Obama website…

Obama I want you - 600 x 800 px
800 x 600 px

 Obama I want you - 1024 x 768 px
1024 x 768 px

Obama Wallpaper (1024×768)

Per request – the blue wallpaper in a 1024×768 size.  Enjoy!

Obama Blue Wallpaper 1024×768
1024 x 768 px

Obama Wallpaper

I cropped some of the gorgeous artwork on the Barack Obama website to make the following wallpaper which I’m using on my laptop…

Obama Blue Wallpaper
800 x 600 px

More “Official” Downloads

In searching through the Barack Obama website, I discovered the following downloads page which is different that the one linked to in the site’s header…


This page contains other artwork which is not on the current download page. It has a lot of great buttons and logos which are great for inserting into a website where the “widgets” do not meet your needs.

Ready to Print Letter Size PDF Obama Sign

Update: I’ve posted updated Obama Biden versions of the signs in the all caps style now being used.

If you are just looking for a plain old 8½” x 11″ sign to print out, then try the PDF document below. Everything is already formatted and ready to print.

High Quality Campaign Logo SVG

Update: since my original post, it seems that the Wikipedia administrators have removed the uploaded SVG.  Additionally, the campaign has switched over to a capitalized version of the logo.  Check out my more recent post with a newer SVG version of the logo.

I started by searching the web for an SVG of the Barack Obama campaign 2008 logo. For those of you not familiar with SVG, it is a format which does not suffer from “jaggies” or blurring from being blown up. Rather, it can be resized as large as you like and still look great.

Eventually I found the following SVG on Wikipedia (click the image for the SVG)…

Obama Campaign Logo

A great open source (free) program you can use to open and manipulate SVGs is Inkscape. You can download it for Mac, Windows and Linux at http://www.inkscape.org/download/.