Free Printable Obama Biden Signs

If you find these signs useful, then please consider helping Barack & Joe by making a donation to Obama for America and help me reach my personal fundraising goal (all donations are directly to the campaign).

It’s secure, very easy and takes just a minute. Every dollar helps Barack and Joe get out their message especially in tight battleground states.

Update #1: Looking for yard signs? If so, check out our How to Create Your Own Signs post and check out our Larger Obama Biden Signs post.

Here are updated versions of the signs, now featuring the Obama Biden text with the “O” logo. All of these signs are ready-to-print PDFs and currently sized for standard letter paper (8½ by 11 inches). The contents are all vector based and should scale up nicely if you wish to print at larger sizes.

Print some out and tape them up in your car, in your house, give them to other supporters or use them as signs! Email your friends and family asking them to do the same!

Landscape Obama Biden logo on a white background…

Obama Biden Obama Biden Obama Biden

Portrait Obama Biden logo on a white background…

Obama Biden Obama Biden Obama Biden

Landscape Obama Biden logo on a blue background…

Obama Biden Obama Biden Obama Biden

Portrait Obama Biden logo on a blue background…

Obama Biden Obama Biden Obama Biden

Landscape Obama “O logo” on a white background…

Obama O logo Obama O logo

Portrait Obama “O logo” on a white background…

Obama O logo Obama O logo

Landscape Obama “O logo” on a blue background…

Obama O logo Obama O logo

Portrait Obama “O logo” on a blue background…

Obama O logo Obama O logo

Update #2: I’ve also posted some Free Printable Vote Signs with the Obama logo…



40 Responses to “Free Printable Obama Biden Signs”

  1. Patricia Henry Says:

    Thanks! This is great! Getting signs has really been tough here.

  2. Peter T Kallay Says:

    Thanks! The signs look really great. I printed them all, and I’m planning to share them with my daughters and friends at college and other Obama-Biden supporters.

    I just made a contribution to the Barack Obama/Joe Biden campaign for credit to you

    Take Care!


  3. Cynthia Says:

    Thank you so much.
    I’m in NJ, and my area could use these coming up to the Election.

    Thanks again.

  4. Athena Says:

    Hi Dan!

    These signs are as beautiful to look at as they are to print. Thank you for keeping us in mind and making them available to us for distribution. God bless you, man.


  5. Anna Says:

    Thanks. I had people asking me today at work for stickers or signs and this is the perfect thing. I made my monthly donation this past Saturday. Thanks again.

  6. Lisa from Tucson Says:

    Thank you so much for the signs; I printed some out and am going to put them on my car tonight. Thanks for making these available and also, I donated to the campaign as well (for the 4th time!) Obama/Biden 08!

  7. Charlie Says:

    Thank you!!! Thank YOU!!!! Thank YOU!!!

    In these hard economic times it is nice to see that someone is not charging for something like this. What a great idea!!!!

    YOU made my day.

    Charlie in Fort Worth, TX

  8. cilicious Says:

    Thank you very, very much.
    I have donated to the campaign already, but maybe when I get my next paycheck I will donate in your name.
    I *really* appreciate what you are doing here.

  9. Gillian Brown Says:

    thanks from the battleground state of colorado

  10. Jessie Says:

    Thanks! These will come in handy here in New Mexico!

  11. Lauren Says:

    Thank you so much- I’m a supporter but also a broke college student; these are great!

  12. Jack Aubrey Says:

    A MUCH-NEEDED and VERY USEFUL way of getting the msg. out- ON THE STREET, AND EVERYWHERE. You have done the campaign a GREAT service, sir!

  13. diana yphantis Says:

    Thankyou!!!! now i need more ink damn!!!

  14. Sarah MacMillin Says:

    As a US citizen living overseas (in Gabon, Africa) I am PROUD to say I am an Obama supporter! This, after often being ashamed of my nationality over the last 8 years. Since I can’t get a hold of these signs over here I plan on printing out a load of them for the post-election party I’m planning for the weekend after we win!! GOBAMA!!

    Oh, and thanks, yes I just donated to the campaign and was happy at how quick and easy it was!

  15. Carol Says:

    Perfect! Thank you for helping me show my support. In this small North Florida town so many don’t speak up but these signs will let my neighbors know exactly who this family is voting for! God speed to Obama and Biden …… they are a dynamic pair and this country needs their leadership …… again, thank you for making this available for us to show our support!

  16. ken Says:


    I’m putting it in the back window of my Land Rover.
    Gas-guzzling elitist liberals for Obama! Whether he likes it or not!

  17. Donna Dixson Says:

    I’m a Obama/Biden supporter and it’s been hard to get and keep yard signs this is GOOD IDEA.

  18. Elaine Says:

    Thank you—I have been trying to get one and was afraid I would have to wait for the one I ordered to get here. I will take it to the copy shop and get it sized for a yard sign (I hope)

  19. Serena Says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!

  20. claudette kane Says:

    Your signs are great! I am a disabled old lady who can’t get out to get a sign. I put yours in my windows. Neighbors noticed! I mailed some to my sister, another disabled old lady who can’t get out, or walk without a walker. I’d donate to your page but I don’t know how to do it–too unable at my age to learn how. But I’m donating again because of you, even though I’ve really already donated all I can afford. Thanks!

  21. Mona Says:

    Thank you so much. Here in central PA we also have rednecks, so bad they are stealing signs out of our yards as we watch from our porches. This morning I bought five pumpkins and I plan on using your design on these pumpkins. I will place some on the deck and others throughout my yard. I will use these also in my car windows. God Bless you and I pray for victory on election day. Thanks. I’m counting on you and your supporters to make wonderful changes for our country and this messed up world.

  22. obamamedia Says:


    If you’re looking to carve pumpkins with the Obama logo check out my post about Yes We Carve – a site that is all about carving Jack Barack ‘O Lanterns. It’s worth checking out!

  23. Tracy Says:

    Thank you so much!! Being in this “red”state of Texas and in San Antonio, I can’t find these anywhere. I don’t even think we have an Obama campaign office. So this is wonderful of you to do! I wish I would have stumbled upon this earlier. Again THANK YOU!!!!!

  24. Blayne Says:

    Thank you! I can’t make it to downtown Dallas to get a sign, and my Obama/Biden magnet for the car hasn’t arrived yet. I want to put something out to show that not everyone in North Texas is afraid of change or moving this country forward. Here’s a toast to a landslide victory in November!

  25. Cheryl Says:

    Thank-you so much…Now I don’t have to be jealous of my neighbor Obama sign.. ha-ha-ha Now I have one of my own. Thanks again…Seattle, Wa

  26. Dahmari Codrington Says:

    Love it!!!!! Thanks, now all I need is some McSame toilet paper!

  27. Claudia Says:

    Greetings from “fake” Virginia. Thank you, I’ll be putting these in my apt. window when Gov. Palin swoops into Fredericksburg VA monday!

  28. Laura Says:


    NO MCAIN He’s a PAIN


  29. Kelly Says:

    Thank You so much. We have had a hard time finding signs, and I am printing a whole bunch now. I will post them all over.

  30. Margaret from Tucson Says:

    Thanks!! I’ve donated and also bought numerous signs, but someone keeps vandalizing and stealing them from my yard (along with the American flags I’ve attached and kept lit – so much for liberty, patriotism, and free speech…). Now I can afford to keep replacing signs right through our victory 11/4. Yay!! You’re doing a great public service (and my money can go straight to Obama/Biden or the Congressional efforts).

  31. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks so much! I’m covering my entire FRONT DOOR with these! It will freak out the neighborhood association but who gives a frogs fat a%~!!! VOTE ON NOV 4 – DON’T MAKE EXCUSES! Just make it happen!

  32. Nancy Says:

    Thank you, thank you!!

    Well done. Exciting time, huh? Onward to better times for US with Obama!!

    : D

  33. shu Says:

    Thanks for the signs! I see the finish line. Now is the time to work the hardest and not look back until we win the race!

  34. brit Says:

    I’ve been looking for these everywhere but I live in a mostly republican area and nobody would help me out. Thanks so much!!!

  35. stephanie Says:

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!! I put one on my garage door it is wonderfull…
    once again thanks
    Arizona for Obama

  36. gina simpson Says:

    thanks for posting these…everyone in my neighborhood has McCain signs….now i have my Obama one.

  37. carlo Says:

    thanks sooo much for this great work its soooo refreshing to see how we all are working to bring this great man to help us get our country back on its feet, I already had donated but will donate some more and again for this great work, u should get some done for when we have him as our new president

  38. Colleen - GA Says:

    This is great! Living in GA there is no place to get these signs.

  39. Obe from Cali Says:

    Thank you so much for these signs! We created our own t-shirts with your signs! And I’ll be making a yard sign tomorrow as someone in our neighborhood took our official Obama yard sign. Sigh…

  40. Julie in Nebraska Says:

    Thank you! My Obama sign was stolen. I ramped it up and covered my windows with these signs and will distribute!!! THANK YOU!

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