Obama ’08 SVG Logo (Caps)

It seems that the Wikipedia administrators have removed the old Obama ’08 SVG campaign logo. I’ve looked for an SVG of the capitalized version of the logo, but was unable to find one, so I imported the eps file provided (from www.barackobama.com/downloads), used a tracing program to create an SVG from it, then cleaned it up a little.

Unfortunately, wordpress.com doesn’t allow the upload of SVG files directly. However, it does accept PDF files with attachments. So, I’ve attached this svg (which you can save it out of) in the following PDF.  Directions on how to save the SVG from the PDF are contained in the document.

Obama '08 SVG PDF

A great open source (free) program you can use to open and manipulate SVGs is Inkscape. You can download it for Mac, Windows and Linux at http://www.inkscape.org/download/.


2 Responses to “Obama ’08 SVG Logo (Caps)”

  1. Hey Says:

    This is awesome. Thanks! What tracing program did you use to convert SVG from EPS? I’m in need of such a program.

  2. obamamedia Says:

    I used Inkscape to trace the image and create an SVG. I’m not sure, but I may have converted it from an EPS to something like a PNG using the Gimp before importing into Inkscape and performing the trace.

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