Obama Wallpaper (1024×768)

Per request – the blue wallpaper in a 1024×768 size.  Enjoy!

Obama Blue Wallpaper 1024×768
1024 x 768 px


4 Responses to “Obama Wallpaper (1024×768)”

  1. Jhony Nelson Says:

    This is a really nice wallpaper. I think it is a very creative way to show our support to the next president of our great country. Keep up the good work

  2. Liz Saunders Says:

    Where did you get that rockin’ “I support Barack Obama” artwork? I HAVE to have it!!!!

  3. obamamedia Says:

    You can find the “I support Barack Obama” image on the downloads page on barackobama.com. Specifically, that image is part of a large collection under “Website & Chat” » “Site Badges”.

  4. Tony M Says:

    This is a really Nice wallpaper.The Symbol looks very Powerful and immortalizing,Please Everyone! Get out there and vote.
    Vote Obama.We need to be proud of our country Again!

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