High Quality Campaign Logo SVG

Update: since my original post, it seems that the Wikipedia administrators have removed the uploaded SVG.  Additionally, the campaign has switched over to a capitalized version of the logo.  Check out my more recent post with a newer SVG version of the logo.

I started by searching the web for an SVG of the Barack Obama campaign 2008 logo. For those of you not familiar with SVG, it is a format which does not suffer from “jaggies” or blurring from being blown up. Rather, it can be resized as large as you like and still look great.

Eventually I found the following SVG on Wikipedia (click the image for the SVG)…

Obama Campaign Logo

A great open source (free) program you can use to open and manipulate SVGs is Inkscape. You can download it for Mac, Windows and Linux at http://www.inkscape.org/download/.


4 Responses to “High Quality Campaign Logo SVG”

  1. Black Bloke Says:

    Wikipedia editors deleted it. If you could upload it here it would stay.

  2. Lani Teshima Says:

    I realize this post was from back in February, but fyi I cannot find this anywhere on Wikipedia anymore.

  3. Donna of Chesapeake Says:

    I like this idea.

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