Kids for Obama Coloring Sheets

I was volunteering at my local headquarters this evening – doing some data entry, making calls, hanging signs, etc. There were some kids off to the side in a small area they had setup for them. I took some time to engage these kids and help them make a sign to hang on the wall of the headquarters.

In doing this I was reminded of something that I saw a while ago and thought was pretty neat – Obama coloring sheets for kids. The one I found online was of the older logo, so I took a couple minutes to update and post them here.

So, if you are going into a headquarters to volunteer, print some of these sheets off and take along some crayons. It’s a great way to get kids engaged in the process…

Obama Biden Coloring Sheet Obama Coloring Sheet


Printable “Obama Mama” Signs

Per request, here are some ready-to-print 8½ by 11 inch “Obama Mama” signs I put together. Print some out and tape them up in your car, in your house or dorm, give them to your kids, other supporters or use them as signs! Email your friends and family asking them to do the same!