How to Create Your Own Signs

I get many comments from people that want Obama signs, but have not been able to get one – either the order is taking a while to get processed and shipped, or they are unable to get to a campaign headquarters to get a sign, or their local headquarters are all out.  This post walks you through the steps to create your own Obama signs.

First, you will need a version of the sign that you can download and print out.  I’ve got several versions available for free download – some of the more popular ones are below…

The letter size signs can be printed out on just about any personal printer.  Some consumer printers are capable of printing the larger tabloid size, though probably not most.  If your printer cannot print the larger size don’t worry – almost all print/copy shops can print tabloid size.

I used FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos) to print out my signs, as they had a simple to use online printing site that let me upload the PDFs (I went with the larger tabloid size) directly to the website and pick them up at my local FedEx Office.  Their online tool allowed me to pick out the type of paper – for signs I’d recommend a thicker cardstock paper (I opted for a glossy cardstock).  The cost of the tabloid size printout was about $3.

Here’s the sign as it was printed…

If you want to put the sign outside, I’d strongly recommend laminating it.  To make sure it is weather proof you will want to make sure that the laminate overlaps the edges of the sign making a water tight seal.  To do this, I trimmed off the white edges from the printout and did the lamination myself (again I did mine at FedEx Office for about $4, though most copy shops can do lamination).

Below is my laminated version of the sign…

I opted to put my sign out in my front yard.  Since I didn’t have anything to hang it from, I decided to stake it into the ground.  I happened to have an old sign that I was able to use, though I think these go for about $3 at home improvement stores (maybe less if you can just get the metal posts)…

I use a wide transparent packing tape to adhere the metal posts to the back of the sign (I didn’t use the original “open house” part of the sign).  Below is the attached sign, ready to go…

All that is left is to put the completed sign out in the yard…

If you have any comments, tips or suggestions for other supports feel free to leave a comment below.


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