Printable St. Patrick’s Day Signs

Here are a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day signs I’ve been working on – good for campaign events people might be having on St. Patrick’s Day.   Print some out and tape them up at your event, in your house, give them to other supporters or use them as signs! Email your friends and family asking them to do the same!


10 Responses to “Printable St. Patrick’s Day Signs”

  1. ObamaMama_Canada Says:

    These are fantastic! Please add the following:

    -Kenyans for Obama
    -Canadians for Obama
    -Native Americans for Obama
    -Latinos for Obama


  2. Sam Buffaloe Says:

    Could you add an apostrophe after the “O” in Obama? I think that would be very funny and connect him to the Irish.

  3. phjenkins Says:

    Yes, I’d be down for a Canadians for Obama sign as well.
    Good luck with the campaign!

  4. Diana Says:


  5. Mauimom Says:

    I’d love a “This is an Obama ohana” or “We’re an Obama ohana.” [“Ohana” means “family” or “home” in Hawaiian.]

  6. obamamedia Says:

    Alright, I’ve added a bunch of signs including all of those requested in these comments…

    Kenyans for Obama
    Canadians for Obama
    Native Americans for Obama
    Latinos for Obama


  7. Mauimom Says:

    If you make the “This is an Obama ohana” please e-mail me @ I REALLY want that sign!!! PLEASE!!

  8. Elizabeth Says:

    I like Sam’s idea regarding O’bama or O’Bama. I’m not Irish, per se, but have Irish in me. I like the humour in it.

  9. Christine O'Bama Says:

    Thanks for the VERY FESTIVE St. Paddy’s day signs! I have them all over the house, the cars, and passed out a stack to the moms in the carpool lines this morning! Slainte!

  10. Maeve Says:

    The apostrophe after the O is a good Idea.

    also the Gaelic for “Yes we can ” is “is féidir linn”
    maybe too late for St. Patrick’s day…
    .great job O’Bama media

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