Printable “Lutherans for Obama” Sign

Per request, here is a ready-to-print 8½ by 11 inch “Lutherans for Obama” sign I put together. Print some out and tape them up in your car, in your house, give them to other supporters or use them as signs! Email your friends and family asking them to do the same!


7 Responses to “Printable “Lutherans for Obama” Sign”

  1. Jean Says:

    Thak you for this beautiful sign, made, I think at my request. There are lots of Lutherans in PA and I think Obama reflects their very moderate to liberal views rather well. Many are not the sign bearer type, but hopefully some of them will be. I will publicize this page from time to time. Thanks again, Jean

  2. josh Says:

    I have a request: “Episcopalians” and “Hoosiers” for Obama.

    Meanwhile I’ll copy and paste the Lutheran one for my ELCA friends. Thanks!

  3. obamamedia Says:


    Just got done adding a bunch of signs including…

    Episcopalians for Obama
    Hoosiers for Obama


  4. Josh B Says:

    how about methodists for Obama?

  5. Margot Dove Says:

    need oregon for obama..yes we can!!!

  6. obamamedia Says:


    I posted a couple of Oregon signs in the blog post Prinable “Oregon for Obama” Signs.

  7. josh Says:

    I am thrilled with the Episcopalians and Hoosiers signs. I printed them right out and taped the Hoosiers one to my front door. (Hoping to get a yard sign soon.)

    I’m less happy to see the IU sign, being a Purdue fan… and the blue color scheme doesn’t work for them, but the thought is good.

    Thank you so much for taking the time and helping to elect a President of the United States.

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