Create Your Own Obama Logo

I wanted to take a minute to point out a pretty cool site I stumbled upon today – that site is Logobama.


Basically it allows you to create your own custom Obama logo online – no software required. You start by uploading the image of your choice…

…and it walks you through placing your image inside the Obama logo and customizing the colors. Once you are done, you can get back a full-sized logo as well as smaller logos that are the optimal size for sites like facebook, myspace, eventful, Twitter, YouTube, digg, LinkedIn & Flickr.


One Response to “Create Your Own Obama Logo”

  1. Mauimom Says:

    Could you create a sign that says “This is an Obama ohana.”

    “Ohana” means “family” or “home” in Hawaiian. I think it would be neat to have one, and I’d spread it far & wide!!


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