Printable “Greeks for Obama” Sign

Per request, here is a ready-to-print 8½ by 11 inch “Greeks for Obama” sign I put together. Print some out and tape them up in your car, in your house, give them to your kids, other supporters or use them as signs! Email your friends and family asking them to do the same!


5 Responses to “Printable “Greeks for Obama” Sign”

  1. Sahil Says:

    Could you take some time out to make one similar to that but
    thats says, thanks 🙂
    ‘Indians For Obama’

  2. sheri Who's Sane Obama Says:

    Do you think you could also make one “Irish For Obama”?

    Thanks, Sheri Who’s Sane Obama

  3. obamamedia Says:

    Sahil, just created an Indians for Obama sign

  4. obamamedia Says:

    Sheri, check out the following two just posted entries…

    Irish for Obama
    St. Patrick’s Day

  5. John Kyriacou Says:

    sweet! I’m definetly getting a bunch of these printed up. A bunch of my greek family is going up to PA this week.

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