Printable “Nurses for Obama” Sign

Per request, here is a ready-to-print 8½ by 11 inch “Nurses for Obama” sign I put together. Print some out and tape them up in your car, in your house, give them to other supporters or use them as signs! Email your friends and family asking them to do the same!


6 Responses to “Printable “Nurses for Obama” Sign”

  1. salam el-kurdi Says:

    go obama ’08
    YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!

  2. Sara Rhudy Says:

    Thank you for making these!

  3. Donna-Linda Winstanley Says:

    Hello, my I am Donna-Linda, RN (aka Donna). I am a registered nurse working in critical care. I am so proud to have the choice to support Barack Obama, whom I support whole heartedly and carry every hope will be our next President of United States. I remain wholly commited to sharing and spreading his message to all those I touch. It is imperative that we arm ourselves with the knowledge and information to help support and spread our cause, for he is, by far, the superior candidate and most capable individual to earn the title “commander-in-chief”.

    Let us band together, reaching across the diversity, that binds us together in a common cause….making Barack Obama the next President of USA, our 44th President. We must remain steadfast and ever conscious of the target. We have the Clinton Campaign who remainst COMPLETELY commited to seeing Barack maligned and beaten …. Let us RISE in dignity and grace to overcome their forces…

    “YES WE CAN” …. !! Donna-Linda Winstanley, RN

  4. Kathy Skidmore Rn Says:

    I have been a Registered Nurse for 25 years. I have worked in Critical Care, Hospice, Surgery, Geriatrics, and I am currently a Home Health Nurse. My home health patients are struggling to obtain adequate health care and numerous times I have provided the finances so that my patients could buy their medications. I am supporting Senator Obama and Biden because they know that many people are not receiving the adequate health care that they so desperately need. I have discussed with my patients and their families that Senator Obama and Senator Biden are the only candidates who really care about health care. Senator Obama and Senator Biden brought me to tears when they recognized nurses during their speeches. I am working very hard to spread the message that it is crucial that we elect Senator Obama and Senator Biden as the next President and Vice President of the United States because they truly do care about health care.

    YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!!

  5. barb denham Says:

    I am sooo grateful to you for taking the time to make the Nurses for Obama banner. I spent alot of time trying to make my own to no avail and I was very anxious to get the signs up all over. If anyone knows what is happening in this country as far as health care, insurance, the economy and countless other issues directly touching our patients and their level of care, it is nurses. Thanks SO MUCH!

  6. Jayme Durham Says:

    Where once there was desperation,hopelessness and confusion …now there is hope…

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