Printable “Women for Obama” Signs

Here are some ready-to-print 8½ by 11 inch “Women for Obama” signs I put together. Print some out and tape them up in your car, in your house, give them to other supporters or use them as signs! Email your friends and family asking them to do the same!


5 Responses to “Printable “Women for Obama” Signs”

  1. Nancy Monacelli Says:

    Thanks so much for all you do.

  2. Mary Stevens Says:

    Thanks so much it will be on my van tomorrow.

  3. Bonnie Sealey Says:

    In light of all the gender, age ,race controversy, perhaps you should have a white, women, over 50 sign. That would apply to me. I have printed an Irish for Obama for my 78 year old ultra conservative, Republican friend who is suporting Obama.

    Thank you for this avenue for signs.

  4. Linda Angel Says:

    Thanks so much. This one goes on my car; and we’ll be putting ‘families for obama” on our minivan.

    The Obama bumper sticker has already made me drive more “civilly.” With the addition of this one, I will strive to be even more of a “model” driver.

    You are wonderful to provide us with yet another way to proudly announce our support for Senator Obama!

  5. Trisha Says:

    Thank you much…thats what I am talking about…people helping people! You put much time, care and concern into this project and we all do admire your kindness. I will be posting signs with pride…Thank you!

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