High Resolution Obama ’08 Gradient Logo

Update: I’ve posted an updated High Resolution Obama Biden version of the logo now being used.

Or, if you are looking blow this up and print something large, I’d instead recommend looking at my Free Printable Obama Biden Signs post. That post has PDF versions of the logos which are vector based and will enlarge to anysize without jaggies.

For anyone looking for a higher resolution version of the Obama ’08 logo, I thought I would share what I found while scouring the web.

Although I’ve been unable to find this version of the logo in a vector format (which would look flawless at any size), I was able to find the following fairly high resolution PNG version:

High resolution Obama 08 gradient logo
2700 x 690 px

Update: below is an updated high-resolution version of the logo:

High resolution Obama 08 gradient logo
4320 x 3455 px

Check out the downloads section at barackobama.com for more logos.


4 Responses to “High Resolution Obama ’08 Gradient Logo”

  1. marty conroy Says:

    If there is a Tiff or eps file available, could I get an attachment e-mailed to me, We are looking for one to get shirts made at a local printer for our Dem Party headquarters.



  2. obamamedia Says:

    For anyone looking for other formats, I’d recommend checking out the downloads page on the barackobama.com website…


    Specifically, and EPS can be found in the following zipfile…


  3. bob Says:

    Thanks for making these available.

  4. LEXI Says:

    i luv obama

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